Jason's Mystery Box!

Jason's Mystery Box!

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Some boxes will have DMRtexas T-shirts!

PLEASE Order only ONE Box - these boxes are individually packages and not easy to ship together (unless you place a 2nd order)

Lots of stuff to get rid of, new and used items. Antennas, programming cables, radio accessories, power cables, connectors/adapters, etc. Some used but good speaker-mics.  I have some radio mounting brackets, cables and connectors, and several items that were left over from a recent Hamfest sale.

I cleaned out the Hamshack this week and have several HT radios to include in boxes too - most of them were used to make a video, reboxed and never opened again.  Virtually new.  Also all boxes will include stickers and patches with my YouTube logo

8th Batch running, new and used items being added

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